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Saving A Life with CPR & AED Skills

“It got me further instilled in the firm belief that everyone should get CPR & AED certified”, he says as he recently concluded his refresher program at SERA. Alvin has successfully completed his Basic Cardiac Life Support With AED course.

He spent 6 years in aerospace engineering. Meet Alvin Ho, CEO and Co-founder of an online holistic wellness platform — Fitivate. Individuals can access free content about medical, fitness, nutrition and mental wellness on the site. Passionate about health and staying fit, he wanted to give back to the community. He started his own company in 2016 before developing and launching Fitivate in 2020.

Alvin Ho administering AED and performing CPR to save life of collapsed casualty. BCLS course certificate.
[PHOTO: Alvin’s LinkedIn]

About a year ago, Alvin was jogging along Punggol Waterway where he had a first-hand encounter of a collapsed casualty.

“It was definitely an adrenaline rush”, he says recalling his emotions during the ordeal. “It was a fulfilling experience, especially when I knew I potentially saved the victim”. Alvin performed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and administered Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on a lady who had suddenly collapsed. However, even after two shocks was still unable to revive the casualty. The Singapore Civil Defence (SCDF) crew which arrived on scene fortunately managed to get a pulse. 

According to the Singapore Heart Foundation, survival rates can increase by up to 50% with CPR/AED intervention. Therefore, although Alvin was unsuccessful in reviving the casualty, his actions have helped to save a life.

“Do not hesitate anymore, you will never know when your skills will be put to good use” he says, encouraging people to take up a life-support course. “The course is not difficult and fully covered by Skillsfuture Credit, a few hours of theory and practical learning goes a long way.” 

He also suggests to “participate together as a group of friends or family, and help each other through the course” as a way of learning life-saving skills with loved ones. 

At SERA we train you to save lives. You can gain the confidence and knowledge that you need during unexpected emergencies. How? By learning life-saving skills — take up Basic Life Support Courses and CPR & AED courses!
Visit the link here to get more information on course schedules and pricing. Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for funding amounts of between 50-70% of course fee.

Fitivate CEO and Co-Founder, Alvin Ho, took BCLS refresher course and performed CPR & AED on a collapsed casualty.

[PHOTO:Singapore Business Review and SIM GE]

Alvin’s passion for health and wellness has earned him many awards. Handpicked by Singapore Business Review as Singapore’s 10 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness aged 40 & Under, he received the award in 2017. Also recognised by SIM as an inspirational alumni, he has been a panelist for the SIM GE CEO Dialogue in 2019.

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