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First Aid in Mental Health (Asynchronous e-Learning)
Online Learning + 4-hour Live Webinar

First Aid in Mental Health Course Overview

First Aid in Mental Health aims to equip the individual to recognize common mental health problems, provide initial support and guide the person towards appropriate professional help.

SERA’s First Aid in Mental Health course focuses on common groups of disorders among the adult community. These are Major Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Mood Disorders.

This course is targeted at individuals without prior knowledge of mental health issues.

Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA)
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Mode: Blended learning (Online Learning + 4-hour Live Webinar via Zoom)
Duration: Live Webinar (4-hours)
Course Fee:  $280.00 bgst ($305.20 wgst)
Course Code: NA
Training Venue: NA (Conducted online)
Certification: Certificate of Attendance in Psychological First Aid, accredited by ACC Institute of Human Services, valid for 2 years from date of completion. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an e-certificate via email.

For private corporate runs, the course can be conducted over a period of 2 days (16 contact hours) without elearning.

How To Register

View Upcoming First Aid in Mental Health Course Dates

By filling in your registration details and clicking the submit button, we will receive your registration details.

If your company is doing bulk registrations and sending participants for different course dates, email for the bulk enrolment form instead and we will assist you accordingly.

Receive An Invoice

For individuals from government agencies or MOE schools, we can submit an e-invoice. Send an email to with the name(s) of the participant(s) that you have registered, along with the e-invoicing instructions (such as department and sub-business unit).

For individuals from private organizations, send an email to with the name(s) of the participant(s) that you have registered.

After receiving the participants’ registration information, SERA will send you the invoice for the amount payable.

Complete Your Online Learning Before Class

After registration and confirmation of payment method, participants will receive their online learning credentials 2-4 working days later. This will consist of readings, videos and quizzes. Please complete this before your scheduled 4-hour course.

Participants will receive the e-guidebook via email.

Request for Group/Corporate Training

SERA can conduct a private course run for your team if you have at least 8 participants. If the total class size exceeds 16, SERA can conduct multiple concurrent classes for your organisation. This can be conducted at your premises or ours.

If you have less than 8 participants, we can open a class on your preferred date (subject to availability), conducted at SERA’s premises, but will keep the class open for public registrations.

Upon filling in the form below, our team will be in touch with you to provide you the quotation.

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      More Information

      Psychological First Aid aims to provide you with basic knowledge and skills to help adults who are affected by the crisis in life. Crisis include man-made, natural and personal crisis can be overwhelming for an individual to cope. By applying Psychological First Aid skills, you will be able to support the individual through the crisis and refer them to professional help such as counsellors and psychologists.

      First Aid in Mental Health aims to equip individuals with knowledge and skills to recognise individuals who may be going through Mental Health issues and provide immediate help. With early recognition and treatment, most will recover well and return to productive lives.

      Peer Support Program focuses on equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to support their peers during a crisis or who are suffering from mental health issues.

      There is currently no funding available for this course.

      There is currently no funding available for this course.

      1. HR personnel, managers and team leaders who handle crisis in the workplace
      2. Working adults who are keen to provide psychological support in the workplace
      3. Student Leaders in Secondary School / Junior College / Polytechnic / University
      4. Individuals who are keen to equip themselves to skills helping others in distress
      • Able to speak, read and understand English effectively

      Course Objectives
      At the end of the course the trainees will be able to:

      • Recognize symptoms of mental health problems
      • Provide initial support to those experiencing mental distress
      • Provide active listening to individuals who are experiencing mental distress
      • Incorporate the concept of Problem Definition-Attempted Solution-Desired Goals-Intervention (P.A.D.I) model into active listening and question skills.

      The course is a classroom-based training with lectures, hands-on and role play activities.

      Course Content
      The training syllabus and assessment guidelines are developed by Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA).

      Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health

      • Overview of Mental Health Issues in Singapore
      • Busting the common myths and misconception about mental illness
      • Identifying stress and burnout
      • Provide self-care

      Module 2: Major Depressive Disorder

      • Identify the causes and symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder
      • Identify the treatment and resources for Major Depressive Disorder

      Module 3: Anxiety Disorders

      • Identify the causes and symptoms of Anxiety Disorders
      • Provide initial help to individuals with panic attacks
      • Identify the treatment and resources for Anxiety Disorder

      Module 4: Mood Disorders

      • Identify the causes and symptoms of Mood Disorders
      • Identify the treatment and resources for Mood Disorders

      Module 5: Introduction to Active Listening 

      • Mastering the Art of Non-verbal communication skills – S.O.L.E.R.
      • Mastering the Skills of Active Listening

      Module 6: Introduction to PADI Model

      • Identify the concepts of the Problem Definition-Attempted Solution-Desired Goals-Intervention (P.A.D.I) model
      • Structure a conversation using PADI Model
      • Group activities, case scenarios and role play
      • Trainers for this course have counselling or psychology experience and training
        • Main trainers hold a minimum education qualification of a Master of Counselling / Master of Psychology

      Hear What Others Say About Our Course

      Ayan Vijay
      Ayan Vijay
      Trainer Mr RAYMOND CHAN very nice guy . This is first time the class I never fell in sleep and I'm enjoyed Very interesting I never seen before.. Easily understand , class room good really good trainer
      Annie Tan
      Annie Tan
      Had an excellent 3 day first aider course. Adris, Yeo Soon Teck and Elton are all passionate , clear , concise and funny engaging trainers . Highly recommended!
      Sam Han
      Sam Han
      Daniel and Richard is very nice and teach well, and also easy to understand.
      Bernice Lim
      Bernice Lim
      Adris and Josephine did an excellent job in the training of the First Aid course. They are informative and well-versed in their fields. I thoroughly enjoyed the First-Aid course and learnt a lot from their experience.
      Mpendulo Thandanani
      Mpendulo Thandanani
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      Yu Ying
      Yu Ying
      Adris and Mikho are both very effective trainer. All sequence and details are well elaborated and practical demonstration are flawlessly performed. They also very supportive to the class and guided the class with full enthusiasm.
      Sean Yeo
      Sean Yeo
      Good facilities and equipment. Mr Soon Teck & Spencer are very knowledgeable & helpful throughout the course.
      Chan Chin Kwang
      Chan Chin Kwang
      Trainer Adris is knowledgeable and experienced!
      Iskar Sheila
      Iskar Sheila
      Trainer Adris is very knowledgeable as I am more aware of the responsibility of a first Aider.
      Siti Fatimah N Sharif
      Siti Fatimah N Sharif
      Very good skills to be shared with everyone
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