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SERA Courses Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit and SSG Funding

SERA is committed to lifelong learning and we are pleased to share that we have courses that are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit and SSG Funding.

These courses are:

*Kindly note that the funding validity is subject to change. For the latest information on the courses by SERA eligible for Skillsfuture Credit, click here. 

We are continually working towards getting more courses eligible for SkillsFuture credit. Stay tuned for more!

Steps to Submit Your Skillsfuture Claim

Please note that your claim has to be submitted to Skillsfuture by the course start date. Skillsfuture will not allow claims to be made after the first day of the course.

Step 1) Register for the course that you are interested in on our website at www.sera.sg. After you register, you will be redirected to Paypal. You may exit this page as you will be using your Skillsfuture Credit to pay for the course.

Step 2) Check your email for the registration confirmation email. You can save this email as a .jpg or .pdf as this will be your supporting document to submit to Skillsfuture.

Step 3) Login to your Skillsfuture account at http://www.skillsfuture.sg/credit using your Singpass.

Step 4) Click “Submit A Claim”

Step 5) To select the course that you are applying for, you can search by traning provider “Singapore Emergency Responder Academy” and you’ll be able to view our list of courses that are eligible for Skillsfuture Credit.

From the list above, choose the course that you are registering for.

Step 6) Fill in the mandatory information such as the Course Start Date, Amount of Credit to Claim and upload the Supporting Document which would be the email that was sent to you. Proceed to submit the claim.

Step 7) After you successfully submit the claim, you will receive an email from Skillsfuture to confirm that your claim has been received. Do forward the email (which will contain the  Claim Transaction ID and Amount Claimed) for our reference. Please note that if you do not do so, your registration will be marked as unpaid.

Email that you would receive from Skillsfuture to confirm your claim submission.