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Standard First Aid ELearning

Standard First Aid eLearning

Welcome to SERA’s online e-learning platform where you can pick and learn First Aid at your own timing! Upon completion of the course, you can also choose to convert your online Certification to a full Certification by attending a 8 hours practical session and assessment in our academy.

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Course Title: Standard First Aid eLearning 

Course Outcome: Certificate of Attendance for Standard First Aid

Total Course Duration: 12 hours

Learning Objectives: 

  1. State the definition of First Aid
  2. Identity the guiding principle of First Aid
  3. Identity the contents of First Aid Kit
  4. State the importance of Universal Precautions
  5. Recognize a medical emergency from a non-medical emergency.
  6. Activate the appropriate emergency response system.
  7. List the signs and symptoms of the common types of medical emergencies.
  8. Identity the necessary and appropriate first aid treatment to a casualty based on their injuries.
  9. Identity the first aid treatment for Foreign Body Airway Obstruction.
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Course Content

Lessons Status

M1: Introduction to First Aid


M2: Responding to Emergency


M3: Respiratory System and First Aid Management


M4: Circulatory System and First Aid Management


M5: Nervous System and First Aid Management


M6: Musculosketal System and First Aid Management


M7: Integumentary System and First Aid Management


M8: Endocrine System and First Aid Management


M9: Transportation of Casualty