First Aid and Life Support Course Finder

Not sure which courses to apply for? Try out the quiz below to see which courses you can participate in.

Does your job require you to fulfill Workplace Safety and Health (First Aid) Regulations?
If your work premises include a factory, laboratory or construction site, click yes.
Click here for more information.
Does your job require you perform First Aid in a Childcare or Daycare Centre?
If you are a childcare educator and your centre is under the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) framework, click yes.
Are you a CERT (Company Emergency Response Team) member in your office?
Read more about CERT Requirements here
Are you a Teacher, Instructor, Yoga/Zumba/Fitness Trainer, Sports Player or Coach?
If you are a teacher or NROC coach, click yes.
Are you interested in Adult First Aid, Child First Aid or prefer short courses?
The Adult First Aid and Child First Aid courses each have a duration of more than 2 days. Our short courses have a duration of 1 day.
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