About SERA

The Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA) is birthed out of our passionate devotion to contribute to the well-being of society. Over the years, SERA has grown to be a well established First Aid and Life Support Company. We are also proud to be the fastest growing First Aid Training Company in Singapore.

SERA is accredited as a BCLS & CPR & AED Training Centre by the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council. The Standard First Aid with CPR + AED course is accredited by Sport Singapore National Registry of Coaches.

Message from the President of SERA

Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA) is committed to the ongoing process to improve Environment Safety and health practices.  We are committed to achieving and maintaining a healthy work environment, accident prevention, and occupational illnesses as far as it is reasonably practical.

SERA is committed to:

  • Comply with all applicable Safety, Health and Environment Legislation and other Occupational Safety and Health Requirements
  • Familiarise all its employees and related parties on Safety, Health, and Environment by providing training, information, instruction and facilities.
  • Increase employee awareness of the overall safe systems of work that the environment is maintained as free as it is reasonably practical, from any and all recognized hazard.
  • Ensure all accidents, work-related illnesses, and diseases or near misses are reported and corrective measures being taken to prevent recurrence. Emphasise and stress continual improvement in improving our Environmental and Occupational Safety, and Health Performance for the employees.

Dr John Lim
Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA)

Our Vision, Mission and Values


SERA aims to be the leading emergency response training centre in Asia.


To equip individuals with essential life-saving skills and enhance the skills set of professional emergency response personnel.


We embrace the following values:

  • Serendipity / Success
    We believe in cultivating a happy and creative mind that leads to wonderful discoveries and experiences of good.
  • Excellence
    We enjoy what we do.  We enjoy good, healthy working relationships with each other and our clients.  We promote the enjoyment of life without hurting oneself
  • Resilience
    We are resilient and remain unfazed in the face of challenges, demands, and difficulties.
  • Altruistic
    We are unselfishly concerned and devoted to the welfare of others.  We live to serve with gladness.

Our Journey


Accredited BCLS+AED Instructor Training Centre

On November 2018, SERA passed the stringent audit for BCLS+AED Instructor Course and is approved as an accredited BCLS+AED Instructor Training Centre. Attaining BCLS+AED Instructor Certificate is paramount to becoming a Standard First Aid or Basic First Aid Instructor.


Accredited Child First Aid Centre

On October 2018, SERA passed the stringent audit for Child First Aid Course and is approved as an accredited Child First Aid Centre. Child First Aid Course is target for early childhood educators, parents or anyone looking after young children. This course will equip and empower you with the essential medical knowledge and first aid skills to look after infants and young children.


Accredited Occupational First Aid Course (English Course)

On 13th November 2016, SERA was approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (Singapore) for ISO 29990:2010 – Provision of Occupational First Aid Course (English Course). Over the years, SERA has proven to be one of the strongest Occupational First Aid Course provider in Singapore.


Accredited AED Instructor Training Centre

On 28th March 2016, SERA was accredited as AED Instructor Training Centre. Over the years, SERA has produced many top quality CPR+AED Instructors and many participants have benefited from our Instructor Course.


Appointed as People’s Association Operator for Lifesupport Courses

On 23rd June 2014, SERA was appointed as People’s Association Operator for CPR+AED and Standard First Aid Courses. SERA was tasked to train public important lifesaving skills in the community centre. This appointment ended on August 2017.


Attained bizSAFE Level 3 Certification

On 1st April 2014, SERA attained bizSAFE Level 3 Certification. This certification is vital for SERA to conduct Occupational First Aid courses


Accredited Standard First Aid Training Centre

On 1st January 2014, SERA was approved as an accredited Standard First Aid Training Centre by National First Aid Council. SERA has since conducted numerous Standard First Aid courses to schools, fitness centre and organisation all over Singapore.


Accredited Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) Training Centre

On 8th July 2013, SERA was approved as an accredited CPR+AED Training Centre by National Resuscitation Council. SERA has since conducted numerous BCLS courses over the years.


Accredited CPR+AED Training Centre by NRC

On 4th December 2012, SERA was approved as an accredited CPR+AED Training Centre by National Resuscitation Council. SERA has since conducted numerous CPR+AED courses over the years.


Affiliate Member of NRC

On 1 August 2012, SERA became an affiliate member of National Resuscitation Council. The council was in-charge of governance of the Basic Cardiac Life Support and CPR+AED Courses.


SERA was birthed

On January 2012, Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA) was birthed.